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Reclaiming Your Overpaid Taxes is a Retroactive Recovery Through Multiple Checks

Why Do Most Construction Companies Miss Out on This Major Tax Break?

4. Eight Myths That Keep Small Businesses From Claiming The R&D Tax Credit


2. Two Tax Credits Many Small-Business Owners Miss -- or Dont Know About

Source: INC. - Two Tax Credits Many Small-Business
Owners Miss -- or Don't Know About

Frequently Asked Questions About R&D Credits and Incentives

This sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

No. U.S. companies have been taking advantage of these credits for decades. With the recent changes (PATH ACT in 2015), more small to medium-sized businesses are starting to claim these credits. But even with the increase in claims, less than 5% of companies that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit are taking the time to do so. For dental practices, this number is even smaller: only 2% take advantage of this program although we’ve found that 98% qualify.

Is this worth my time?

Absolutely. Since the changes in legislation and tax reform, the R&D Tax Credit remains one of the most valuable incentives offered by the U.S. government for businesses to remain competitive.

Why does the government offer the R&D Tax Credit?

To encourage companies within the U.S. to keep technical talent domestic while simultaneously continuing to drive innovation. This helps make your company competitive domestically and our country competitive globally. A win-win scenario for everyone. 

I have a CPA, why haven’t I heard of this?

It’s a very specific and niche credit CPAs are typically not trained on. More than $16 billion in federal tax credit benefits alone are given out annually, and a tiny percentage is recovered each year, and CPAs do almost none of it. It’s very time-consuming, takes years of training, and is typically not something they are even familiar with.

Can the R&D credit be claimed for a prior year?

Yes, if the amended return is filed within three years of the original filing date.

What expenses qualify for the R&D Credit?

Qualified research expenses include employee wages, material expenses, and contracted labor costs.